l- I wish you wouldn't . me when I'm speaking; wait until I am finished if you ve something to say.


l- I wish you wouldn't ....... me when I'm speaking; wait until I am finished if you ve something to say.

A) discontinue B) interrupt C) pause

D) maintain E) refrain

2- Most people don't want to live in downtown neighbourhoods because there is a lot of crime and so they don't feel....... .

A) sheltered B) inevitable C) stable

D) secure E) voluntary

3- The Tigris River is still quite narrow at Diyarbakır, but by the time it reaches Baghdad, it is very ....... .

A) high B) shallow C) winding

D) steep E) broad

4- The desert was completely ....... at night — there was not a single noise to be heard.

A) insistent B) windy C) silent

D) dormant E) hidden

5- An economic analyst's reputation is based on the ....... of his predictions.

A) intelligence B) accuracy C) interaction

D) suspicion E) rejection

6- The semester is ....... over, so you had better start studying for your finals, or you will fail all your exams.

A) practically B) fortunately C) initially

D) willingly E) distantly

7- Some listening devices used by the police are so ........ that they can pick up conversations at a distance from the people being bugged.

A) sensational B) sensible C) sentimental

D) sensitive E) senseless

8- My sister is too ....... to work around breakable things; she is always bumping into things and knocking them over.

A) graceful B) intense C) ordinary

D) clumsy E) obsessed

9- Because Fred has been working ....... since he was 16 years old, he is afraid that he won't know what to do with himself when he retires.

A) barely B) dreadfully C) constantly

D) invariably E) uniformly

10- I'm not a very ......... person and prefer sitting home with a good book to going to parties.

A) sociable B) visible C) persuasive

D) potential E) sincere

11- The artist Cezanne believed that becoming too interested in light in painting, as was done by the impressionists, could mean ....... other important aspects, such as form.

A) interfering B) enterprising C) compiling

D) confronting E) overlooking

12- The importance placed on the institution of marriage throughout the world can be seen in the ....... and complex customs and rituals that surround it.

A) artificial B) elaborate C) resentful

D) punctual E) wanton

13- Even when they are not actually working, doctors often have to be on call in' case there are any ....... cases.

A) gradual B) social C) urgent

D) distorted E) neglected

14- Although long plane flights are generally unpleasant, the flight attendants try to make sure that the passengers suffer as little ....... as possible.

A) nuisance B) embarrassment C) discomfort

D) bewilderment E) sensitivity

15- If you do too much of anything, it can be bad for you, but few things are harmful if you do them ......... .

A) loosely B) intensely C) wearily

D) moderately E) sharply

16- Today parents with young babies use ....... nappies because they don't like to wash them.

A) disposable B) adjustable C) arguable

D) acceptable E) reusable

17- In order for a play to be any good, the actors and actresses have to ............. together until they all know their lines and can interact perfectly.

A) memorise B) intensify C) repeat

D) visualise E) rehearse

18- Doctors are finally beginning to admit that traditional medicines are sometimes more ....... for curing certain ailments than modern drugs.

A) elaborate B) effective C) alternative

D) noticeable E) instinctive

19- It is ....... that the refugees have adequate housing before winter sets in, or they could all freeze to death.

A) vigorous B) trivial C) active

D) stable E) vital

20- Young people who eat mostly junk food are likely to be unhealthy because their diets are ....... in essential vitamins and minerals.

A) bare B) plentiful C) deficient

D) pitiful E) demonstrative

21- While Greece and Turkey have become much more friendly recently, the problem of Cyprus is still likely to present a ....... to complete friendship.

A) security B) release C) depression

D) barrier E) compartment

22- Make sure you close the jar ....... because whatever is inside will go off if air gets in.

A) tightly B) sharply C) exceptionally

D) moderately E) ordinarily

23- The connection of so many rivers to the Grand Canal in China greatly expanded the territory ........ through the canal.

A) accessible B) agreeable C) promising

D) creative E) remote

24- The champion looked ....... at his opponent as he lay sprawled on the canvas unconscious.

A) visibly B) frightfully C) pricelessly

D) scornfully E) formerly

25- The ....... caused by a nuclear explosion is difficult to imagine even if you have visited the museums in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

A) denial B) distillation C) compilation

D) resentment E) devastation

26- Young people with unhappy family lives are usually the most ....... to extremist propaganda.

A) negligible B) controllable C) susceptible

D) sociable E) debatable

27- People who think of the United States as a rich country are often surprised at the ....... that exists in the inner cities.

A) affluence B) poverty C) consistency

D) devotion E) validity

28- Extremists among both Israelis and Palestinians are ....... opposed to any reasonable peace agreement.

A) suitably B) cautiously C) possibly

D) smartly E) violently

29- The defeat of Iraq following its ....... of Kuwait in 1991 has resulted in a tremendous amount of suffering for the Iraqi people.

A) occurrence B) attitude C) awareness

D) invasion E) allowance

30- This software may not be exactly what you need, but it can be easily .......... to suit your needs.

A) intervened B) demonstrated C) relieved

D) modified E) postponed

31- The president showed his ....... with the questions about his personal life by walking out of the press conference.

A) annoyance B) confidence C) hindrance

D) preference E) resistance

32- The privatisation of several....... state-run airlines, particularly British Airways, led the way towards greater competition within an economically "borderless" Europe.

A) deliberately B) formerly C) permanently

D) sufficiently E) formally

33- As I knew how ......... it was to argue with lan, I didn't want to waste my time trying to dissuade him from applying his plan.

A) encouraging B) barren C) futile

D) dispensable E) profitable

34- In spite of the government's efforts, few people believe that a significant reduction in inflation is ..........

A) collapsible B) avoidable C) available

D) explicable E) attainable

35- She was so ........ beautiful that everyone in the room was looking at her.

A) unevenly B) alternatively C) strikingly

D) steeply E) extensively

36- So far the economy has not shown enough ....... to justify the Minister of Finance's optimism.

A) size B) intensity C) orientation

D) growth E) structure

37- Although French was a difficult language for him, he kept working at it and in the end, his ....... paid off when he met a beautiful French girl who spoke no English but who became his wife.

A) perseverance B) generosity C) originality

D) intensity E) expansion

38- High and illogical taxes in Britain are often the greatest ....... to running a successful business.

A) hindrance B) assistance C) alternative

D) repetition E) institution

39- The weather has been so ....... this year that spring flowers began appearing at the end of January.

A) ferocious B) mild C) inclement

D) amiable E) sensitive

40- Junior doctors in England often suffer from ....... because they have to work more than one hundred hours a week.

A) deprivation B) rivalry C) tedium

D) guidance E) fatigue

41- Products made in China are cheaper than those made in Japan, but they are usually also ....... quality.

A) brief B) clumsy C) aesthetic

D) inferior E) infertile

42- Politicians often seem nice at first if you meet them personally, but it soon becomes apparent that their friendship is only ....... .

A) sincere B) initial C) superficial

D) tempting E) victorious

43- The Crown Jewels of England are .........; in other words, they are so valuable that no one knows exactly how much they are worth.

A) expensive B) discounted C) priceless

D) selective E) delicate

44- People usually go to the seaside in the summer for a few weeks in order to get some ....... after working hard all year.

A) relaxation B) revelation C) tradition

D) interruption E) celebration

45- The workers have decided to do the night shifts ....... so that no one has to work nights all the time.

A) alternately B) approximately C) fortunately

D) defensively E) principally

46- Animal lovers think it is ....... to animals to kill them for their fur, so they often attack people who wear mink coats.

A) steady B) weak C) instinctive

D) unwise E) cruel

47- Sudden weather changes help to keep insect numbers down. In some areas, for example, a very cold winter kills many insects that would otherwise ....... in the spring.

A) divide B) allege C) exclude

D) multiply E) alter

48- Even in modern times, many people do not realise that leprosy is a disease that is only mildly contagious and not ........ as it used to be.

A) rare B) fatal C) tedious

D) credible E) sparse

49- He was furious with his daughter for marrying someone poor and illiterate and ....... that he would never speak to her again.

A) appalled B) relieved C) swore

D) provided E) threw

50- Though it is ........ for many people to live in the suburbs because the houses are newer and there is more space, others would rather be closer to where they work.

A) defensive B) useless C) desirable

D) formidable E) interactive

51- Moroccans and Iraqis both speak a language called "Arabic", but they have difficulty speaking with one another because the spoken dialects are ....... incomprehensible.

A) moderately B) intentionally C) optionally

D) supportively E) mutually

52- The man was so ....... dressed, in an old patched coat and torn trousers, that no one would realise that he was a millionaire.

A) stylishly B) voluntarily C) impressively

D) excessively E) shabbily

53- Secondary school students enjoy televised sports, drama and cartoons, but most of all, their interest in music and films usually grows ........ during this period of their lives.

A) presently B) wastefully C) debatably

D) dramatically E) considerately

54- The soldiers had been ordered to capture the strategic hill, but they had to retreat because of the ....... of the enemy fire.

A) failure B) intensity C) origin

D) survival E) shrinkage

55- The word smokeless gunpowder can be ........ because it does produce some smoke; however, it causes much less smoke than the old kind of powder.

A) misleading B) reliable C) ordinary

D) critical E) offensive

56- It is difficult to find ....... fruit juice these days; it usually has sugar and preservatives in it.

A) clear B) absolute C) sanitary

D) pure E) entire

57- In the race known as the "steeplechase", runners have to jump over different kinds of ........ which make the race both more difficult and more interesting.

A) casualties B) chances C) obstacles

D) complications E) hardships

58- It is necessary to have a good eye and a/an ....... hand in order to shoot well.

A) even B) balanced C) constant

D) steady E) immense

59- After years of having his work turned down, he was totally shocked at the ...... of his novel by a respectable publisher.

A) rejection B) receipt C) diversity

D) captivation E) acceptance

60- It is a/an ....... to say that Sir Richard Burton was "good at languages" since he spoke twenty-nine languages well enough to be mistaken as a native, so this ability of his requires a stronger attribute than just "good".

A) understatement B) probability C) encouragement

D) confirmation E) benefit

61- During the 19th century, several Europeans sneaked into Mecca ....... disguisei as Muslims.

A) foolishly B) cunningly C) unbearably

D) alternatively E) decisively

62- The antics of Charlie Chaplin have ....... audiences throughout the 20th century and into the 21st.

A) occupied B) utilised C) captivated

D) survived E) revived

63- After not having exercised for months, I played football last week, and all my muscles were ....... for days afterwards.

A) tender B) stiff C) stubborn

D) awkward E) rough

64- It is difficult to take a sailing vessel through the Straits of Magellan because both the winds and the currents are so ....... .

A) unfaithful B) influential C) predictable

D) expansive E) treacherous

65- Although the police arrested the thieves, they never ....... the stolen goods.

A) forfeited B) revived C) defeated

D) recovered E) burgled

66- One method of ........ fire is by eliminating or diluting the oxygen. This is usually done by smothering or blanketing the fire using sand, foam, steam or a nonflammable chemical.

A) intimidating B) excavating C) extinguishing

D) evacuating E) revolving

67- So many students are ....... American high schools that most of them have to employ full-time security staff to prevent destruction of valuable property.

A) vandalising B) considering C) registering

D) overthrowing E) displacing

68- We were expecting old Mr Eames to pass away first because he had serious heart problems, but he ......... his wife, who died suddenly of a blood clot on the brain, by seven years.

A) ordained B) outlived C) continued

D) endured E) persisted

69- This year's gross national product was ....... smaller than last year's, leading to a crisis of economic confidence.

A) normally B) intentionally C) internally

D) substantially E) agreeably

70- The enthusiastic audience was ....... by all the stars who came for the opening night.

A) trained B) perceived C) glued

D) glared E) dazzled

71- After winning the lottery, he spent so ....... that soon he found himself with no money left.

A) considerately B) elaborately C) constantly

D) wantonly E) delicately

72- After you wash and iron the clothes, please ....... them and put them away neatly.

A) stretch B) bleach C) rinse

D) fold E) wrinkle

73- Air bags inflate to cushion the driver or passenger within 40 milliseconds after a high-impact collision. The inflation is ...... by sodium oxide, and nitrogen rapidly fills the air bag.

A) destroyed B) compiled C) depicted

D) oriented E) initiated

74- Once it occurs, the only ........ for tooth decay is a visit to a dentist, who cleans and fills the cavity to keep decay from progressing.

A) survival B) earning C) remedy

D) escape E) hardship

75- Some scientists say that dinosaurs began to die off after the Earth's continents, which had originally been a single landmass, broke apart, causing ......... environmental changes, and radically changing the climate.

A) minor B) tremendous C) capturing

D) creative E) domestic

76- In many parts of the world, ties of ....... are more important than any other relationship, and these family ties often lead to nepotism.

A) kinship B) correlation C) society

D) similarity E) eternity

77- I would advise you to think carefully about your decision, because once you have made it, it will be .........: you will not get a second chance.

A) simultaneous B) irreversible C) exchangeable

D) affordable E) instantaneous

78- All his life he carried the emotional scars caused by his father ....... his family when he was only six years old.

A) maintaining B) evacuating C) abandoning

D) discharging E) deserving

79- In an unstable economy, it is often wisest to put your money into ....... metals like gold or silver.

A) precious B) shiny C) mediocre

D) delicate E) fragile

80- Protesters opposed to the ....... of historical buildings to make way for a highway have camped on the roof of one of the buildings.

A) extinction B) enhancement C) offence

D) demolition E) resistance

81- I hope the price of the new water heater includes ........ because I have no idea how to put it in myself.

A) disposal B) delivery C) installation

D) revival E) investment

82- When the politician was asked to state his position on the economy, he answered so ....... that no one understood him.

A) decisively B) vaguely C) defensively

D) ultimately E) attentively

83- We've had this bread for days and it is ....... ; let's feed it to the birds.

A) rough B) stale C) lumpy

D) solid E) stiff

84- A famous singer was arrested last night after he beat his wife so ....... that she was taken unconscious to hospital.

A) tamely B) cunningly C) proportionally

D) savagely E) desirably

85- You have been ....... a lot this morning. Didn't you get enough sleep last night?

A) stretching B) sneezing C) yawning

D) galloping E) whining

86- Frank explained the reason for his absence at the meeting so ....... that soon the boss forgot how angry he was and began laughing.

A) defensively B) offensively C) grimly

D) implicitly E) humorously

87- When he put on the brakes, the car ....... out of control and bumped into the cliff.

A) underwent B) limped C) overtook

D) rolled E) skidded

88- A good artist or writer first needs ........ but he or she has to follow this with a lot of hard work.

A) perspiration B) preference C) tendency

D) inspiration E) addiction

89- We were unable to continue our climb up the hill because it was too ....... to tackle without ropes and other special gear.

A) brief B) steep C) exclusive

D) curt E) hollow

90- I couldn't get any books out of the library because my library card had ........ I should have renewed it last month.

A) expired B) shrank C) deceased

D) intensified E) extended

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